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Contact Rev. Darlene to help you Customize Your Special Day Your Way!

                                       Are you or someone you know getting married??  

Well if you recommend my services and they register with a deposit, you will receive a $25 gift certificate!! 

Rev. Darlene Hintzen is a licensed ordained minister under the denomination of spirituality.

She is registered, and can legally perform marriages in the province of Ontario.

There are a variety of options available for you if you are planning a spiritual wedding in the future.  Some recommended services include: a candle-lighting ceremony, a sand-ceremony or perhaps the rose-exchange ceremony.  There are a variety of scripts for you to view for your consideration.

This special day will be designed your way.  Darlene will work with you to design a ceremony that will fulfill all of your expectations.  There are a variety to choose from, like the pouring of the Sand Ceremony, or the Rose Exchange Ceremony. There are many different wedding vows and ring exchanges that you can pick from to make the day extremely personalized.  You may wish to have a song or poem presented by a family member, or have your children take part in a candle lighting ceremony.  However you envision this day to be, Darlene will work with you to help make it happen!

Your wedding can be preformed at any place that you desire.  Rev. Darlene has performed very elaborate weddings at such venues as Casino Rama, and Christy Mill, and very simply weddings in a couples living room in their own home.  Another option would be to have your wedding performed out in nature.  She has performed 2 weddings in Sunnidale Park in Barrie.  Rev. Darlene Hintzen is also happy to perform same-sex marriages. 

 Rev. Darlene Hintzen's Total Fee for all meetings prior to the Wedding, Sharing with you an unlimited mount of options to make your day just as you had dreamed, Officiate your Wedding on your special day and making sure that all the legal documents and signed and submitted to the government is just $300.

To discuss your future wedding plans contact Darlene Hintzen at Positive Pathways  
(705) 790-4074 or e-mail her at positivepathwaysbarrie@gmail.com



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