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Metaphysical Center

Amazing Andean Adventure Peru 2021 

*This will truly be one of the most spiritual, life altering  experiences you will ever have an opportunity to experience! 
Sacred Journey to the Energy Vortex of the Planet and Second Chakra of Mother Earth:
During the first week we will Visit Many Amazing Sacred Sites in Cusco, Ollontaytambo and Machu Picchu Pueblo!

Saturday, May 29 - Sunday , June 6th 2021 Pilgrimage To PERU!!
Just $1699 u.s. or 2 Weeks for just $2399 u.s. funds
Our Second Optional Week will include visiting Spiritual Sites in Puno/Lake Titicaca, Uros Floating Islands, & 2 Nights Accommodations on Amantani Island! 
*Book Your Flights to Arrive: Saturday May 29th  and Depart on Sunday June 6th or Sunday June 13th, if you are staying for the second week!
8 nights or 15 nights  Accommodations (Private Bathroom and Breakfast daily) All internal Transfers (Buses, Trains and Taxis) throughout Peru Entrance fees to all Sacred Sites and 

Activities included in the Itinerary with Licensed Tour Guides and Shamans, Daily Angel Messages with Josie Grouse and Guided Meditation and Yoga with Dr. Darlene Hintzen Throughout the Trip. Visiting numerous sacred sites, in Cusco, Ollontaytambo, Machu Picchu Pueblo (Machu Picchu), Puno, Floating Islands on Lake Titicaca and Amantani Island. 
 *Space is limited to just 14 people in order to keep the group manageable and personable! *Please note that although we do not plan to make any significant changes to the itinerary, it is subject to change based on availability.  It is necessary to ensure that I receive a copy of your passport, upon booking in order to book your train tickets to Machu Picchu Pueblo and your entrance ticket to Machu Picchu Sanctuary! 
Our Itinerary is as follows:   

Participants will arrive in Cusco sometime on (Saturday May 29th)   You will have an opportunity to rest and adjust to the altitude.  

*Sunday May 30th   Walking Tour of Cusco City!  We will all meet in the lobby at 2:00 p.m. After a short little meet & greet, participants will be able to visit the local grocery store, exchange some of their money and then participate in a city walking tour of Cusco. We will first  visit The Temple of the Sun, Qorikancha, the Spirit of the Great Teachers and Priests of the Inkas.  We will then visit a couple of local museums to learn more about the history of Peru, followed by a trip to the Chocolate Factory for some delicious samples, then some optional Shopping at the San Pedro Market, which is a good place to buy smudge bowls, Palo Santo, Agua de Florida water and food. We will have a wonderful dinner together at a traditional Andean Dinner show buffet restaurant, where you will have an opportunity to try a variety of Andean dishes while watching an amazing traditional show that introduces you to the various cultures in Peru. 

*Monday May 31st  Start the morning with an early morning yoga stretch, followed by a great buffet breakfast.   We will spend the day visiting 2 major Historical Inka Sites located in the beautiful city of Cusco Sacsayhuman and Q'enqo.  Pack extra snacks, as we will not be stopping for lunch. We will then visit an amazing crystal shop and take part in a powerful Chakra Meditation! You will have time to shop after the meditation! 

*Tuesday, June 1st   Buffet breakfast at the hotel, we will take a private bus through the Sacred Valley to  Ollantaytambo. On the way we will stop and visit the town of Chinchero where we will have an opportunity to view a textile demonstration from the locals in the town. We will visit the Sacred site Moray, followed by a trip to the famous Salt Mines.   We will check into our hotel for the first of two nights.  Take a short walk to the Plaza de Armes, spend some time shopping and then have dinner at a local restaurant. 

*Wednesday, June 2nd    Yoga together first thing in the morning before breakfast. Then we will visit the  Ancient Sacred Site of Ollontaytambo.   In the afternoon, we will take the train to Machu Picchu Pueblo. Enjoy a beautiful two-hour scenic train ride to Aguas Calienties and Check into El Mistico Hostal.  We will then take a walking tour of the town, and we will point out some good restaurants, the market, church, bank machines, and a few other places of interest.  We will then go to a local restaurant to eat some authentic Peruvian Food and listen to a local band play some amazing Andean Music.  

*Thursday, June 3rd      For those members of the group that are interested, we will rise early (6:00 a.m.)  and visit the Hot Springs, returning back to the hotel for an 8:00 a.m. breakfast.  We will then gather at 11:00 a.m. to take the bus to Machu Picchu Sanctuary. We will tour the Sanctuary as a group for the first couple of hours, and then you will be free to explore or meditate at your leisure for the afternoon.   MACHU PICCHU is extremely large, and it is difficult to see everything you would like to in just one visit. Everyone will have their own return bus ticket, so that you can leave whenever you wish.  There is so much to see and explore on your own.

 *Friday, June 4th   Free Day in Machu Picchu Pueblo (Choose your own adventure) *Optional Opportunity to visit the Sacred Site of Machu Picchu again (approximately $50 u.s. and $24 for the bus ride).  We will all plan to gather in the lobby at 9:00 a.m. to take a walk to a local waterfall, where Ignacio, another Shaman from Quillabamba will join us to do another healing Despatchio Ceremony for our group.  We will then go out to lunch together in town, and then those members that are interested, will have an opportunity to visit the Butterfly Sanctuary and/or perhaps indulge in a spa day! Wonderful Inka Massages or mani/pedis are just $20 u.s.!     Or you could just simply relax and enjoy the beautiful town of Aguas Calientes!  In the evening, we will plan to go to the local restaurant for dinner and enjoy some wonderful Traditional Andean food and live music.  

*Saturday, June 5th  Travel Day!  Return back to Ollantaytambo on the train from Machu Picchu Pueblo.  Then  we will take the Collectivo Van back to Cusco and check back into the Prisma Hotel.   This will be our last evening together in Cusco.  We may wish to gather together and go out for a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant called The Fallen Angel, which other members have enjoyed visiting in the past. 

*Sunday, June 6th  Take your Return Flight back home, or choose to extend your trip for the second week in Puno!    Those members staying for the additional trip to Puno with have this day to rest and repack for the trip to Lake Titicaca. 
Additional Optional Second Week 

Monday June 7th  Immediately following Breakfast, we will board our private bus to take us to Puno City, Peru.
We will make a few scenic stops along the way, before checking into our hotel for the evening. We will all take a short walking tour around the main square, the Plaza de Armas, and then go out for dinner together before settling in for the night. We will take this evening to adjust to the higher altitude.   

Tuesday June 8th  After our Buffet Breakfast, we will Visit 2 Sacred Sites in Puno with our tour guide Elvis! 
In the morning we will visit Portal de Aramu Mura. This is an abandoned stone place that is known as a “Gate of the Gods”. It remained after Incan civilization.  The doorway itself looks like a big T letter, carved into the rock wall. It has been said that people have disappeared at this sacred site and then returned again.  
After lunch we will visit Sillustani, a pre-Incan cemetery, that consists of a group of huge cylindrical tombs which are built above the ground in tower-like structures called chullpas. This sacred site is on the shores of Lake Umayo, near Puno and are the vestiges of the Qulla people, who are Aumara, conquered by the Inca Empire in the 15th century. .  on the shores of Lake Umayo near Puno. 

Wednesday June 9th   After our buffet breakfast, we will take a short shuttle ride to the Marina, where we will board our private boat on Lake Titicaca. You will meet our wonderful Captain, Friend and Host Family Member on Amantani Island, Loit.
We will first visit the famous Uro’s Floating Islands approximately 20 minutes from the shore.   After our tour, you will have the option of taking a ride on one of the hand-made reef boats to the main island to get an optional stamp in your passport.  
This will be followed by an amazing 2 – 3 hour boat ride on Beautiful Lake Titicaca to  Amantani Island. The second chakra of Mother Earth.  We will be greeted by our host family, who will escort us to their home and serve us a delicious lunch. After lunch, we will all go for a walk to the central  square (Plaza de Armas).   
We will then return to the host families’ home for dinner, some amazing star gazing  like you have never seen before (due to no air pollution)  and then receive some messages from Josie before a good night’s sleep! 
Thursday June 10th  After breakfast we will take a walking meditation up to the top of Pacha Mama Mountain to participate in a Despacho ceremony with either Jose, the 103 year old Shaman of Pacha Mama mountain, or his predecessor, Loit, our boat captain and host family friend.  Following the ceremony, we will participate in a group meditation and/or receive group messages from Josie before watching the most incredible sunset from the highest peak of Lake Titicaca, the highest Fresh Water Lake in the world. We will return to our host family home for dinner and another evening of star gazing. We will spend our second night together with our host family. 

Friday June 11th  After breakfast we will board our boat for another beautiful boat ride back to Puno City.  We will have the afternoon free to either rest or shop in the streets close to out hotel. We will then meet for a final dinner together in Puno City.  

Saturday, June 12th 
We will board our private bus after breakfast to return to Cusco City.  
Once we arrive back in Cusco, we will Check back into the Prisma hotel for our final night in Peru!  We can all meet in the lobby at 7:00 p.m. for dinner and some live entertainment!

Sunday, June 13th 
Take Return Flight or Bus Back to Lima.  Then take International Flight to Canada or spend an optional evening in Lima. You may choose to stay overnight in Cusco another night and catch an early morning flight back home on Sunday. 
(There will be an additional cost for the extra night of approximately $60 u.s. based on a shared double room) if you choose to extend your stay or $45 u.s. for a single room.
Namaste~ Darlene & Josie Please contact Darlene Hintzen at positivepathwaysbarrie@gmail.com, or call/text Darlene at 705-790-4074

Our Accommodations While in Peru will be at the following Hotels: 
Hotel in Cusco                                              
Prisma Hotel del Cusco
Calle Matara N.394 – Cusco – Peru
Tel: (51 -84) 224412 – 253733 
Web. www.hotelprismacusco.com
Hotel in Ollantaytambo 
Las Orquideas Hotel
Av. Estacion s/n Ollantaytambo
Telefax: (51 – 84) 204032
Cel: 974 250189
Hotel in Machu Picchu Pueblo
El Mistico Hostal

Experience the POWER of the REDROCKS in

Amazing SEDONA, Arizona March 27th – April 3rd , 2021

Now Just $2020 U.S for 8 incredible days and 7 Amazing Nights in Spectacular Sedona, Arizona!

POSITIVE PATHWAYS MEMBERS ONLY, pay in Canadian Funds!! (This is Approx. savings of $600)

(Accommodations, Park Entrance Fees and transportation, Yoga, Angel Messages & Daily Guided Meditation)

I invite you to join us, your hosts, Darlene Hintzen & Josie Grouse, to explore one of the most remarkable Energy Vortexes in the WORLD! We will begin our days with a complementary breakfast at our hotel, before venturing out for a day of hiking, yoga and meditation in the 4 most 

famous energy vortexes in the Sedona Area: Airport Mesa, Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock and Boyton Canyon!!

In addition, we will spend l full day exploring the GRAND CANYON! Only 8 spots Available!

Saturday, March 27th

We will all meet at the resort in Sedona, Arizona sometime throughout the day. There are shuttles from both of the international airports (Phoenix & Flagstaff) for a nominal fee, or you may choose to rent your own car to explore even more during your free time. This resort is centrally located at 2991 West 89A West, Sedona. All of our air-conditioned rooms are equipped with a fridge, microwave and coffee maker for your convenience. However, our hotel also includes a free continental breakfast daily! In addition, there is a pool, hot tub, and free wifi available too! We will be surrounded by the amazing red rock canyon in mystical Sedona. This drive is approximately 2-hours long.

Once we all check into our rooms, depending on the time, we can take a swim/hot tub, and then head to the local grocery store to purchase our food for the week!

Sunday, March 28th Airport Vortex (Easy – Medium Hike)

After our daily morning rituals, we will all meet at the lobby and travel together to the Masculine Energy Mountain, the Airport Vortex, for our daily hike, yoga and meditation. Before beginning our hike this day we will have a 30 minute yoga stretch, followed by a 20 minute meditation, focusing on strengthening our Masculine Energy. Apparently, the energy in this vortex will assist us in strengthening our masculine side. People who have strong masculine sides are self confident. They have internal strength to take charge of their own lives too, and to claim their rights in life. This makes them good at standing up to people who try to take their power away by force, intimidation or manipulation.

Monday, March 29th – Cathedral Rock Hike (Med. – Difficult Hike)

After breakfast, we will all meet at the parking lot at 9:00am, and drive to the base of Cathedral Rock to begin our hike. The Feminine Energy of this vortex is credited with strengthen those things normally thought of as being feminine, such as kindness, compassion and patience. At the base of the mountain you will have the opportunity to take part in a 20-minute yoga stretch, followed by a guided meditation, designed to help heal and balance your Feminine energy. We will then attempt to climb to the top of this mountain. Those members who feel that they are unable to reach the top, can choose a beautiful spot for some silent inward reflection, and pictures where ever they wish. As the energy of this amazing mountain can be felt anywhere around its base as well. 

Tuesday, March 30th - Boyton Canyon Hike (Easy to Medium hike)

Optional Golfing at Poco Diablo Resort, for those members interested in Golfing. The cost for this activity is just $15u.s. Clubs are also available to rent for an additional $5u.s.

Those members that did not go golfing, are welcome to join us pool side for a morning water yoga stretch in the pool.

After our morning rituals and those members that went golfing have returned, we will venture out to the Boynton Canyon for an incredible Hike! The energy vortex in this Canyon is said to strengthen the masculine/feminine or yin/yang balance. This balance is almost as important as growth itself. Emotions are a good indication of this balance. For example, if you feel anger more easily than fear, your masculine side is stronger. Having a good masculine/feminine balance also helps relationships work well, such as intimacy, commitment, honesty and openness. We will do guided meditation in this energy vortex to call upon our animal spirit guides for direct guidance and insight.

Wednesday, March 31st – Grand Canyon – Easy Walk, Go at your own pace!

Full Day at the Grand Canyon! We will plan to leave right after breakfast (8:00 a.m.) for our 2-hour drive to the Grand Canyon. We will spend the day at the south rim. There are many sites to see and wonderful photo opportunities of this incredible wonder of the world. You will be free to explore at your leisure. We will then have a late lunch/early dinner together at the beautiful restaurant, in the El Tovar hotel (2:00 p.m.), looking over the Grand Canyon, before driving to the East Rim, the highest point of the canyon, to tour the Desert View Watchtower and an opportunity to see an incredible sunset over the Majestic Grand Canyon. There is a snack bar at this end of the canyon if you would like to get something to eat before heading back to Sedona. This will be a long day, so pack lots of snacks, sunscreen, and walking sticks if necessary. We will then head back to our hotel for an evening hot tub!

Thursday, April 1st - Bell Rock Vortex (Easy to Medium Hike)

After our morning rituals, we will gather in the parking lot and then drive to Bell Rock Vortex for a Hike. Bell Rock is reputed to have a very strong vortex energy all around it. This powerful vortex is said to strengthen all 3 parts, the masculine side, the feminine side, and the balance. After a yoga stretch, we will do a chakra balancing meditation, while tapping into this strong energy vortex.

Friday, April 2nd -- This will be a free day!

There is so much to see and do in Sedona. Linda and I will be available to shuttle members of our group to any mountains, golf course, or shopping area that you would like to visit. Spend your last full day in Sedona as you please. Perhaps you may wish to spend the day Golfing or visiting Slide Rock State Park, or hiking to Devil's Bridge? There are so many options available for you to chose from. Once you arrive in Sedona, you will have time to decide how you would like to spend your last day in Sedona!

Saturday, April 3rd -- Head back to Phoenix or Flagstaff to catch your flight back home!

*If you are interested in booking this trip with Darlene & Josie, a non-refundable $220 deposit is necessary to hold your spot. This payment will be followed by 4 e-transfers, or post-dated cheques, for the sum of $500 each, on or before: Sept. 30th , Oct. 31st, Nov. 30th , & Feb. 28th . Please Call/text Darlene at 705-790-4074 for more info. Payments can be sent to: positivepathwaysbarrie@gmail.com


If you have to cancel for any reason before the first payment is made in September 30th, you will receive your deposit back.

If you cancel for any reason between September 30th and November 30th, you will receive your installments back minus the $220 non-refundable initial deposit.

If you cancel for any reason after February 28th your $1500 will be returned to you. However, if someone else signs up for the trip and your spot is taken, you will receive

Barbados Perfect Health Retreat

Saturday October 3rd – Saturday October 10th 

Just $1599 US, incudes: accomodations at luxury villa with private pool, daily yoga, meditation and Ayurveda instruction,

 daily contennential breakfast, entrance fees and private shuttle to all tourist sites on itinerary.

Saturday, October 3rd

All group participants will be greeted at the airport and shuttled to our luxury villa, with our own private pool, within walking distance to Surfer’s Point. Depending upon everyone’s arrival time, we will all take a stroll to the public beach and watch some of the tourists and local surfers taking part in this activity. We will then come together for a delicious meet and greet bajan dinner, followed by a group meditation.

*May have an opportunity, provided the horses are races, for those members interested, in visiting The Garrison Savannah Race Course. 

Sunday, October 4th

Sight Seeing Day -- Following an optional early morning yoga stretch and breakfast, we will board our private van and take a scenic drive to the north coast of the island. We will first visit the Beautiful Animal Flower Cave locate on the craggy cliff tops at the northernmost point of the island. This large sea cave, with several huge chambers, is filled with pools, unusual rock formations and a few sea anemones. You may wish to have a snack or drink at their beautiful cliff-top restaurant that offers tasty local dishes and an awesome view of the ocean. There are also some marvelous photo opportunities to be had at the Cliff tops at Animal Flower Cave as well. It is an amazing beautiful secluded location to just find a private spot to do a silent meditation on your own. In addition, there is also a few local vendors at this location as well. We will plan to leave between 11:00 – 11:30 p.m. to head to our next destination, the Barbados Wildlife Reserve. You will have an opportunity to mingle with free roaming monkeys, turtles, deer, muras and many other local animals. At 2:00 you will have an opportunity to observe the daily feeding for all the wildlife in the park. An incredible site to experience. In addition, you will be able to walk through the bird and iguana sanctuaries as well.

We will then head to Holetown, for dinner and shopping. The Limegrove Lifestyle Center in exclusive Sandy Lane District, home of the rich and famous, boasts a numerous selection of stores and restaurants to choose from. In addition, you will have an opportunity to witness and participate in the best interactive Karaoke on the island.

Monday, October 5th 

7:00 a.m. - Start the day with an optional early morning yoga stretch before breakfast.

9:00 – 12:00 – Ayurvedic Medicine Instruction: Learn all about the Doshas! Do the Dosha quizzes to figure out your Prakruti, which is your main Mind-Body Type. Then we will take a Vikruti quiz to assess your current life situation, including any recent stress, illnesses, or life changes. We will then spend some time discussing how too effectively balance your dosha! We will look at the optimal daily routine to help keep you balanced.

After lunch, our van will be available to take those participants that are interested in visiting Beautiful Miami Beach (Enterprise Beach) for the afternoon. There are many restaurants available for you to have dinner there from Oistins Fish Market. There is also Macey’s supermarket and CIBC bank within walking distance for those members that would like to pick up some groceries or money from the bank machine.

We will then gather together for a group meditation before heading to bed for the night!

Tuesday, October 6th

After breakfast our private van will pick us up to take us to the East Coast of the island.

Our first stop will be at the Andromeda Botanic Gardens. A journey through this enchanting seaside landscape in Bathsheba reveals surprises around every corner. Created by multi-award-winning horticulturalist Iris Bannochie who planted an unparalleled variety of plants collected from around the world. Featured on BBC Gardeners World, BBC World Service, The Conversation and the RHS, The Garden Magazine. It is the original Barbadian garden created both for pleasure and science, fostering conservation, research and education. There is also an al fresco café where you can enjoy Rob’s homemade goodies including ice cream made with organic herbs, delicious pastries and fresh breads.

We will then visit the quaint, seaside village of Bathsheba. In the middle of the bay is ‘Soup Bowl’, a favorite surf spot with top surfers from around the world! We will stop for lunch at the Round House. This historic property offers commanding views of the Atlantic coast and an undisturbed stretch of beach framed by natural tidal pools for swimming and exploring.

We will return to the beach for a wonderful yoga stretch and meditation before heading back to the villa.

Wednesday, October 7th

7:00 a.m. - Start the day with an optional early morning yoga stretch before breakfast.

9:00 – 12:00 – Ayurvedic Medicine Instruction: Today we will investigate the Doshas and the rhythms of Nature. You will learn all about the Optimal Daily Routine. We will also take an Ama-Ojas Survey to assess your levels of essential life energy. We will then discuss the mind-body connection, as well as our Needs: The Heart of Emotions. We will learn how to balance your mind through all of the senses.

After class we will head to Bridgetown for a bit of shopping and lunch before boarding the Cool Runnings Catamaran for an amazing Sunset Snorkel Dinner Cruise 3:00 – 7:00 p.m.

Unlimited drinks and buffet dinner.

Snorkeling with the Sea Turtles and over a Shipwreck. Enjoy the incredible Caribbean sunset.

Thursday, October 8th

8:00 a.m. – Breakfast

9:00 a.m. – Our Van will pick us up for a full day at the Beach. We will be dropped off at Hastings Beach for a nice walk along the boardwalk. We will then spend a few hours at Accra Beach, followed by a walk down to Dover Beach. There are very spots to stop and eat. We can then all change our clothes and go out for a nice dinner at one of the numerous restaurants in the St. Lawrence Gap. Those members of the group that are not interested in spending time walking the St. Lawrence Gap and having dinner out, you will be given a ride back to the villa.

Friday, October 9th

7:00 a.m. - Start the day with an optional early morning yoga stretch before breakfast.

9:00 – 12:00 – Ayurvedic Medicine Instruction. Today we will investigate the Flavors of Well -Being. Tattva: the qualities or aspects of the experience the, Rasa: the flavor of experience, Bhava: the mood or emotional tone of the experience. We will also look at the six tastes, and how to eat to balance each dosha type with Food.

1:00 – Spend the Afternoon we will go for a beautiful scenic walk along Long Beach (option to try this challenging sport at one of the outlets available along the shore) as we take in the sites and enjoy watching the surfers and windsurfers We will then visit the Chancery Lane Swamp District where many locals gather for family picnics.

We will return to the villa to freshen up before heading to Oistin’s Fish Fry for dinner and entertainment.

Saturday, October 10th

We will start the day with Yoga, followed by a final meditation together.

After Breakfast, we will all take part in a closing ceremony.

You will then be given a ride to the airport to catch your plane back home.