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Private Yoga Instruction is Available

By Appointment only with Darlene Hintzen. 

Please call 705-790-4074 for more information.

Darlene also provides yoga instruction for the City of Barrie!  Please refer to the Parks and Recreation guide for future available classes.  She is the instructor for the following classes:

 Thursday evenings at Holly Recreation Center

Family Yoga, Gentle Hatha Yoga and Zen Yoga 


Wednesday evening at East Bayfield Community Center  

There will be classes offered for Children Teens and Adults


*Please note that you must register for these classes through the City of Barrie Parks and Recreation Department!  




































Darlene, has studied the seven spiritual laws of Yoga, by Deepak Chopra. Throughout each class she will introduce you to one of these laws and enlighten you about the ways in which you can incorporate these universal laws into your daily life. Which, if followed, will lead to internal peace!

Hatha Yoga comIpliments your normal gym workout in two ways: It counteracts some of the negative aspects of weight work and sports training, and it‘s a terrific way to build functional strength.

Not only is yoga an excellent way to reduce stress, but done regularly, it also helps you to let go of your troubles and will ultimately develop a positive connection between your body, mind and spirit!








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