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May 25, 26 & 27 for a full Reiki Weekend 

at my cottage on the Shores of Georgian Bay!

To Register for a future Reiki Weekend Retreat contact Darlene directly at 705-790-4074 .  

At the end of the Weekend Reiki Retreat, you will have earned all 3 levels, and will be a Reiki Master/Teacher, ready to begin your practice and possibly embark on a new Career!

Your $500 Investment includes all 3 levels of training, PDF Versions of your manuals, Attunements, Meditations, Accomodations and Meals! 


 You may be wondering, what is Reiki? 

Reiki is an alternative medical treatment in 

which healing energy is channeled from the

practitioner to the patient to enhance

energy and reduce stress, pain and fatigue.

In addition, Reiki has proven very effective in lowering blood pressure, reducing, managing and/or eliminating pain, calming anxiety, eliminating toxins, promoting relaxation and aiding with all concerns directly related to the nervous system. It is also very helpful for treating post-traumatic disorder. Darlene has worked with Reiki and cancer patients and she has found that Reiki aids in the managing of cancer symptoms and it is wonderful for before and/or after chemotherapy or surgery. Energy work can never harm and will never interfere with your medical treatment. These deep healing vibrational frequencies will also break through old patterns, expand awareness, illuminate choices, and bring about deeper intuition. It will allow more space in your energetic field to be filled with light to be able to attract more of what you want and allow you to clearly see what no longer serves you. It creates more space for you to become aware of the peace, joy, stillness and inner light that you already possess in your natural state of being.


Reiki has a very unique history.  Although the Reiki energy itself goes back over 2500 years, as evidenced in Sanskrit Sutras, and the writings of Tibetan Monks and Enlightened Masters, the history of Reiki as taught today is much more modern.  Evidence of Reiki from before World War II remained in Japan and has been rediscovered to the rest of the world very recently. 

 Reiki is a Japanese word meaning "Universal Life-Force-Energy".  Reiki is a system for channeling that energy to someone for the purpose of healing.  It was discovered by Dr. Usui in the late 1800's.  He was born about 1865, and there are two accounts of his discovery of Reiki; one being that he was Buddhist Monk and after a 28-year quest, he journeyed to Mount Kurama.  The other account is that he was a teacher or perhaps Dean of a Christian school in Kyoto, Japan.

To learn more about Reiki, or to book a Reiki Treatment with Dr. Darlene Hintzen please contact her at 790-4074 or send an e-mail to [email protected] .


The current price for a one hour Reiki treatment is $60.00 or you can purchase two separate treatments for $100.00.


 Are You Interested In Becoming A

Reiki Practitioner?

Certification classes are being offered monthly at the studio. Please check the calendar section on the website to find out when the next Reiki Class is being offered!  Manuals, Attunement, Training, Certification Certificate and  Lunch are all included in your full-day training course. 

Reiki Testimonial

 We wish we could have an opportunity to speak to each of the visitors to this page who are considering learning the healing art of Reiki from Reiki Master, Darlene Hintzen. She is such a positive example and inspiration with all that she does. She is truly a caring individual that shares her knowledge with contagious enthusiasm. We are truly honoured to have learned this healing art under her spiritual guidance. A&P H., Barrie, Ontario.


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