Metaphysical Center

Sacred Journey to the Energy Vortex of the Planet: 

 P E R U  July 15 -29, 2017

Visit: Cusco, Ollontaytambo, Machu Picchu Pueblo (Aguas Calienties), Puno & Lake Titicaca 

(Uro's Floating Islands, Amantani Island & Taquila Island)

      Spend 14 Amazing, Adventurous days in Peru for just $2100 Canadian

Everything but your Flight, lunches, dinners and spending money is included!


● 14 days and 13 Nights Accommodations (Private Bathroom and Breakfast daily)

● All internal Transfers (Buses, Trains and Taxis) throughout Peru

● Entrance fees to all Sacred Sites and Activities included in the Itinerary with Licensed 

Tour Guides and Shamans (Unless Specified in Itinerary)

● Optional Yoga and Guided Meditations with Dr. Darlene Hintzen Throughout the Trip


In addition to visiting numerous sacred sites both in Cusco and in the Sacred Valley, including MACHU PICCHU, 

you will have an opportunity to visit Uro's Floating Islands and 2 other popular Islands on the highest fresh water 

lake in the world, Lake Titticaca!  Taking part in a despachio Ceremony and view a spectacular sunset over lake

Titicaca from Pacha Mama mountain. You will also have an opportunity to spend a night on Amantani Island! 

 *This will truly be one of the most spiritual, life-altering experiences you will ever have! 

*Space is limited to just 14 people in order to keep the group manageable and personable!

*Please note that although we do not plan to make any significant changes to the itinerary,

 it is subject to change based on availability.  It is necessary to ensure that I receive a copy of your passport

along with your $500 deposit, in order to confirm our reservations with the hotels, purchase our Machu Picchu entrance 

tickets and train tickets to and from Aguas Calienties (Machu Picchu Pueblo). 

*Book your international flights so that you will arrive in Cusco sometime during the day on Saturday, July

15th.  When you book your international flight you will make Cusco, Peru your final destination.  Depending on the flights

you choose, you will have a minimum of two flights. We will be staying at the Prisma Hotel, in central Cusco, within 

walking distance to many historical sites and attractions.

Our 2 Week Itinerary is as follows:  


*Saturday, July 15th  

Participants will arrive in Cusco sometime during the day. 

Those of you that are up to it, can join me for a traditional Peruvian dinner at a nearby restaurant, followed by a 

little bit of dancing at a local club, that offers live local entertainment nightly, all within walking distance from our hotel. 


*Sunday, July 16th

Walking Tour of Cusco, Visiting a couple of local museums and the Chocolate Factory, learning about the history of Peru. 

Shopping at the San Pedro Market, which is a good place to buy smudge bowls, resins, Agua Florida, Palo Santo, food and 

souvenirs. First Night Dinner together at a Traditional Peruvian Restaurant, with live entertainment

*This meal is Included with your trip!


*Monday, July17th  

Start the morning with an early morning yoga stretch, followed by a great buffet breakfast.  

We will spend the day visiting 2 major Historical Inka Sites located in the beautiful city of Cusco: Sacsayhuman and Q’enqo.  

We will then visit an amazing crystal shop and take part in a powerful Chakra Meditation with incredible crystals.  

You will be free to shop following the meditation. We will then go to the Plaza de Armes for dinner.  


*Tuesday, July 18th  

After Buffet breakfast at the hotel, we will take a private bus through the Sacred Valley to the 

town of Ollantaytambo. On the way we will stop and visit the town of Chinchero where we will have an opportunity to 

view a textile demonstration from the locals in the town. We will then visit the Sacred site Moray, followed by a trip to 

the famous Salt Mines.  We will then check into our hotel for the first of two nights.  Take a short walk to the Plaza de

Armes and spend some time shopping and then have dinner at a restaurant of your choice.


*Wednesday, July 19th 

Yoga together first thing in the morning before breakfast. Then we will visit the ancient Sacred Site of Ollontaytambo.  

For those members that are still up for a hike, we will climb the adjacent mountain to visit the ancient store houses 

after lunch.  You can also choose to shop for a bargain in the large outdoor market in front of the sacred site.   

For dinner, you can visit one of the many wonderful restaurants for dinner. We will spend our second evening at the hotel in Ollantaytambo.


*Thursday, July 20th  

After breakfast at the hotel, we will take a walking meditation on an old Inca Trail and observe some old Inca Structures. 

You will have an opportunity to participate in a Coca Leaf Meditation  by the River (Setting your intentions for the year ahead).  We will then take the train to Machu Picchu Pueblo.

Enjoy a beautiful two hour scenic train ride to Aguas Calienties. Check into El Mistico Hostal. We will then take a walking

 tour of the town, MACHU PICCHU Pueblo together.  I will point out some good restaurants, the market and a few other

places of interest for you, so that you will have some options during your free time in the town. We will then go out to a 

local restaurant to eat some authentic Peruvian Food and listen to a local band play amazing Andean Music. 


*Friday, July 21st

Rise early and catch one of the first buses heading up to Machu Picchu in order to watch the sunrise. This is one of the 

most magical times of the day in this sacred site. After the sunrise, we will visit some interesting points of interest in the 

sanctuary together as a group, and then you will be free to explore at your leisure for the whole day.  Some members of

the group may like to visit the ancient INKA Bridge, while others may be drawn to visit the Sun Gate, where the Inka's 

would have entered the City in ancient times. MACHU PICCHU is extremely large, and it is difficult to see everything you 

would like to see in just one visit. Everyone will have their own return bus ticket, so that you can leave  whenever you wish. If you choose to stay until closing, you will find the energy at sunset to be very mystical as well.  For those interested members of the group, I will take you to a special place in the site and lead you in a heart opening meditation at the sacred rock (Waka) in Machu Picchu Sanctuary. 


*Saturday, July 22nd  

For those members of the group that are interested, we will rise early (6:00 a.m.)  and visit the Hot Springs, returning 

back to our hotel for breakfast at 8:00 a.m..  After breakfast we will take a Beautiful Walking Meditation along the River

to the Butterfly Sanctuary, (10:00 a.m.).  On the return walk back to town, we will take part in a gratitude and self

love meditation. In the evening, we will be participating in a Despachio Ceremony with a local Shaman from a near by village.  


*Sunday, July 23rd  

Free Day in MACHU PICCHU Pueblo

(Choose your own adventure) - *Optional Opportunity to participate in the sacred Medicine Plant Ceremony (San Pedro) 

with local Shaman.   For those members interested in digesting the sacred father plant of the Andes the Shaman charges 

$50 U.S..  For those members that are not interested in taking part in this ceremony, you will have the option of spending

an optional second day in Macchu PICCHU (approximately $75 u.s).  Or you could walk to the Mandor Falls for the day,

 and/or visit the hot springs, have a spa day (massage or pedicure are just $20), shop, and just enjoy the beautiful town of Aguas Calientes.


*Monday, July 24th

 Travel Day!  Return back to Ollantaytambo on the train from Machu Picchu Pueblo.  Then we will take the Collectivo Van

to Cusco and check back into our hotel in Cusco. In the late afternoon, we will Visit The Temple of the Sun,  Qorikancha 

the Spirit of the Great Teachers and Priests of the Inkas. This is within walking distance from our hotel. 


*Tuesday, July 25th 

Breakfast 6:00 am,  and meet in the lobby at 7:00 am, to travel to the bus terminal, where we will be taking a luxury, 

scenic motor coach to Puno, Peru.  Once in Puno, we will be greeted by our tour guide Elvis, who will accompany us to 

check into the SolPlaza Hotel. We will take a short walking tour of the City, to the Plaza de Armas, and then go out for

dinner together close to our hotel. Take the evening to adjust to this higher altitude.


*Wednesday, July 26th 

After Buffet Breakfast, take a bus to the Marina, where we will board our boat.  We will first visit the famous Uro's 

Floating Islands, approximately 20 minutes from shore. After our tour, and optional boat ride in hand

made reef boat, we will stop by the main island to get an optional stamp in your passport.  This will be followed by a 

tranquil 2 - 3 hour boat ride on Beautiful Lake Titicaca to Amantani Island. We will be greeted by our host family, 

who will escort us to their home and serve us a delicious lunch. 

After lunch, we will all go for a walk to the central square (Plaza de Armas), then those members who are up for a hike,

will have an opportunity to climb the sacred Pacha Mama Mountain on the island to watch an incredible sunset. 

We will then return to the host families home for dinner, some amazing star gazing and a good nights sleep! 


Thursday, July 27th 

After breakfast we will participate in a Despatchio ceremony with either Jose, the Shaman of Pacha Mama mountain, 

or his predecessor, Loit, our boat captain and island host. Following the ceremony, we will leave the island and visit a

neighbouring island, Tequila, for lunch and a tour. This will be followed by a beautiful boat ride back to Puno City, 

where we will check into our hotel for our final night in Puno. After a short rest, we will all meet to go out for dinner together. 


Friday, July 28th 

Early Breakfast, then off to the bus terminal, at 7:15 am, to catch our 8:00 am bus back to Cusco, Peru.  Once we arrive 

back in Cusco, we will Check back into the Prisma hotel for our final night in Peru!  We can all meet in the lobby at 7:00 

for dinner, and some live entertainment at a local Club for those wanting a last night out on the town! 


 Saturday, July 29th 

Take Return Flight or Bus Back to Lima.  Then take International Flight to Canada or spend an optional evening in Lima. 

You may  choose to stay overnight in Cusco another night and catch an early morning flight back to Toronto on Sunday. 

(There will be an additional cost for the extra night of approximately $30 U.S. based on a double room) if you choose to 

extend your stay.


Our Accommodations While in Peru will be at the following Hotels: 


Hotel in Cusco                                              

Prisma Hotel del Cusco

Calle Matara N.394 – Cusco – Peru

Tel: (51 -84) 224412 – 253733 

Web. www.hotelprismacusco.com


Hotel in Ollantaytambo 

Las Orquideas Hotel

Av. Estacion s/n Ollantaytambo


[email protected]

Telefax: (51 – 84) 204032

Cel: 974 250189


Hotel in Machu Picchu Pueblo

El Mistico Hostal

Agues Calientes – Machu Picchu

Av. Pachacutec, 814 Machupicchu Pueblo-Cusco  Telefono: 084-211051


Hotel in Puno, Peru

Sol Plaza Hotel


Telefonica: 051-352658 or 051-369818

Sacred Pilgrimages to Machu Picchu Peru    A Little Bit About Me and My Connection with this Sacred Land!

*Scroll down to view upcoming trips to the Sacred Land of the Inca, Peru!


As most of our members may already know, I take yearly Not-For -Profit Pilgrimages to the Sacred land of the Inca, Peru! I have been very fortunate to have  travelled extensively to many spiritual places on our planet, like Egypt, England, Mexico and Hawaii.  But, I have never felt such a strong Spiritual Connection to a land, as I do in Peru.  I just love this land and the people so much, that I want to share it with all of my Positive Pathways members, YOU.  In fact I love this place so much that I have even purchased a piece of land in the Sacred Valley, next to the river just outside of Ollantaytambo. 


My vision is to build a Spiritual Center there in the near future. 

In the meantime, I host Spiritual Pilgrimages in the summer, during my  break from teaching, to this amazing Country.  I have made so many wonderful friends, whom I consider my Peruvian family that are Tour Guides, Shamans, and owners of Hostels in Peru, that help to make this one of the most amazing adventures that you will ever have an opportunity to experience.  My goal is to connect my Spiritual Friends from the North, with my Spiritual friends from the south.   

I visited many spiritual places throughout this sacred land including Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, Cusco, The Sacred Valley, Ollantaytambo & Puno!

Perhaps you would like to join me next year, when I plan to take 3 Separate trips to this amazing country.  My next trips will be:

 June 2016 Pilgrimage is now Full!

Just call me at 705-790-4074 or e-mail me at [email protected]

if you would like more information about my future

not-for-profit annual pilgrimage to Peru! 

Visit my Photo Library to view some pictures from Pilgrimages to Peru! 


How My Journey Began    

Five summers ago, I had the most amazing trip of my life!  I spent a full month in Peru with some fabulous friends travelling across this sacred land, from the jungles in the Amazon, where we spent a full week in a Shapibo village learning all about the healing properties of various plants, to the sacred City of Cusco, rich in INKA history. Followed by an amazing week in Machu Picchu and then a four day adventure to Lake Titicaca. One of the most recorded places of U.F.O. sightings in the world!  After 3 spiritual evening ceremonies with the Shamans in Pucallpa and their medicinal Mother plant, Ayauasca, we were completely purified and ready for the next part of the trip which led us to the beautiful Machu Picchu sanctuary, were we had an opportunity to experience the Father plant, San Pedro with an amazing Shaman, Kucho, who was gifted the title of "The Guardian of Machu Picchu."  This amazing plant medicine is quite different from the Ayauasca, in a sense that instead of receiving a cleansing, you obtain more of an openness.  An awareness so to speak. You truly do "FEEL THE LOVE". Not only did we take part in ceremony in the rain forest surrounding the Machu Picchu Sanctuary, but we actually had an amazing ceremony right in this sacred sanctuary of Machu Picchu,  where we spent the whole day meditating and listening to the beautiful songs (icaros) from our shaman , and then we all watched the sun set together over the sanctuary.  In addition to these two distinctively separate types of ceremonies that we experienced with both the father and mother plant,  we also had an opportunity to take part in a couple of sacred Despacio Ceremonies, both in Machu Picchu and at the top of Paccha Mama, on Amantani Island, in Lake Titicaca, with two different shamans. Although both of these ceremonies were given the same name, they were distinctly unique to these specific areas in Peru and these particular Shamans.  However, both ceremonies were performed to improve Health, Prosperity and Love for the participants.

I obtained the most amazing pictures from Machu Picchu. (Please visit the photos section)  There is an absolutely stunning pink geometric object that appeared in some of my photos, as well as some of my videos.   It wasn't until I got home from my trip that I found this shape in approximately 8 of my pictures.  All the way from Pucallpa, to Lake Titicaca.   Nora, WalksinSpirit began channeling messages immediately once I told her about this and she claimed that this unusual object is from the 7th dimension. It was making itself visible to me to show me that they are always with me. That would explain why I am so draw to this amazing place. I have also been told from various other psychics that I have had a number of past lives there.  I am just so connected to Peru and plan to return every summer!  My goal is to connect my spiritual community here in Barrie, with all of my amazing new friends in Peru! Connecting the north with the south, the eagle and the condor!!

When I arrived home I decided to facilitate a not-for-profit spiritual group adventure in order to make it affordable for everyone who really wants to go to this sacred land and make this amazing  pilgrimage! For the last three summers, I have successfully planned and facilitated three amazing group trips, consisting of 14 people, to the sacred land of the Inca.  

All of my 3 trips were absolutely amazing. Some pictures of the 2012 and 2013 spiritual adventures are posted on the website! Most of the 14 sisters and brothers that joined me for these sacred journeys, have shared with me the remarkable transformation that they personally experienced during their visit to this mystical land.  It is absolutely incredible!  I just feel so blessed to be able to share this amazing spiritual place with all of my beautiful friends in Barrie. My tour guides and very good friends Juan and Daniel, were both born and raised in Peru and have obtained tourism degrees from the Peruvian University.  They now both work as tour guides, sharing their wealth of knowledge with visitors to their Country.  The groups just loved both of these wonderful souls!  In addition, I also worked with 2 different tour guides and 4 different Shamans, in all the separate villages that we visited.  Together they have enriched all of our lives in a very special way.  I hope you have the opportunity to meet them during one of my future visits to this amazing land.  

I am now planning to take a year off of my full-time job as an elementary school teacher, to start building my spiritual center on my land.  I have 4 trips planned for 2015 and 2016 to this amazing, spiritual land!  I am looking forward to more incredible adventure in what the Shamans have shared is the energy vortex of our planet!

If you would like more information and/or would like to register for one of next years adventures, please send me an e-mail to me at [email protected], or call 705-790-4074 and I will be happy to answer any of your questions.  I limit my groups to only 14 members, in order to keep the groups manageable and the costs low for everyone.  So if this trip is on your bucket list too, please call now to avoid disappointment.

With Love & Light 


Darlene Hintzen

Testimonials From Previous Pilgrims


Sacred Journeys to Machu Picchu, Peru

Peru 2014
Last year I decided to travel to Peru with my girlfriend Effie to experience Darlene's Sacred Pilgrimage tour.

This was actually my first trip to South America so I didn't know what to expect but Darlene's detailed pre-trip preparations were greatly informative.  Darlene's itinerary is very thorough and detailed and for the most part we followed it pretty well.  Her vast knowledge of the local situation in each of the stops we made put me at ease.  Darlene has forged strong relationships with hotels and restaurants at each stop of the tour, resulting in great service and experiences.  She goes out of her way to share her previous experiences and provide helpful tips along the way of the tour to make the trip more enjoyable.

One of the best features of Darlene's tour is her selection of local tour guides and shaman.  Our main tour guide, Juan, was the best I have ever experienced and I have been to dozens of countries around the world.  His command of English is excellent!  In cases where speakers during the tour were in Spanish or Quechuan (indigenous Peruvean language) he was very prompt at translating what was being said to our group and answering any questions.  His voice was always loud and clear and the best part of having Juan as a tour guide is that he was passionate about sharing the rich history of his country and people with our group.  There were days where the schedule was long and demanding and he always showed up to guide us with a smile and warm hearted hospitality.  Juan has extensive knowledge on the history of Peru and other countries and shared details with us that allowed us to grasp the depth and intelligence of the civilizations we were learning about.  He went above and beyond to make sure our stay in Peru and our visits to sacred sites were exceptional and memorable experiences.

We had the opportunity to partake in several spiritual ceremonies with shaman, which were well-organized and provided some deep healing and grounding experiences.  The combination of the high vibration of the land and Peruvian shaman made the ceremonies very powerful.  Many were done in the mountains, which was not only an ideal place for spiritual ceremonies but also beautiful spaces to spend time at.

I felt very safe throughout all stops of the Sacred Pilgrimage tour offered by Darlene.  The local people are very warm and for the most part the places we visited showed very little "touristification".  If you are looking for an authentic cultural travel experience, this tour offers it!

Darlene's tour offers a great experience at a lower cost than any other offerings out there and you will be supporting her cause of bringing education to lovely Peruvian children, who would otherwise not have the financial means to attend school.

On a personal level, visiting Peru and the experiences that came there opened up a new chapter in my healing journey.

Thank you Darlene for organizing such a wonderful trip!

Love, Pete


My Journey to Peru                                                      Sept 22, 2013


So many things happened to me in Peru. My sharing may not be in the proper order, just sharing.

I met some wonderful friends both in our group and in Peru. I did some much shopping, there is

so much wonderful stuff to buy and so cheap. I do regret not buying more. In the moment it seemed I was spending a lot of money but when I got home I keep wishing I had more, more of everything to share with my family and friends.


When I first arrived, Darlene was there to greet me and get me into my room. I had just spent over 24 hours getting there but instead of having a nap I was so energized, I went shopping with the group that was already there. Almost the first shop we were in I spotted Tumi. I was so drawn to Tumi and my first experience of the energy of Peru. Just a side note, I bought many Tumi items.

On the next day we went for a visit to an Inca site, I take a lot of pictures and the cactus and air plants growing everywhere was amazing, the view was amazing, the mountains, the lakes, the sky, the sun. We had a Peruvian lunch there camping style and then had a drumming circle. The drumming and rattles was calming and grounding and my hands just stopped I was so quiet and then this light just desended on me. I asked if there was a message but just the light, the wonderful light. We had some free time to explore, so I wanted a picture of a building I had seen on the way down. It was at that spot that I got the first picture of an energy vortex. I didn’t see this till I got home and saw it on the computer. I got many pictures of energy vortex at Machu Picchu and during the camping trip. The energy and pictures of it put this whole trip off the charts for me. Another aside, I take a lot of pictures including with a long range lens, during the time on Putucusi I tried to take long range pictures of Machu Picchu and all I saw was white fuzz, I thought I had broken the lens on the climb up however the lens works perfectly now. It was the energy. The energy was so dense I got a picture of energy not a long range picture of Machu Picchu.


We travelled to many Inca sights, so beautiful and amazing to see what the pre Inca and Inca had built and to hear about the society they had created. Juan was so interesting and informative, I learned so much and took lots of pictures. At every site there is lots to buy both from individual and from the markets and as I previously remarked I regret not buying more. Be sure to batter.


I decided not to go on the Inca Trail mainly because I was doing the camping and thought that would be enough camping. We did so many other things and just as much walking and climbing. The walk to Mandor Falls was beautiful, the mountains. The trees, the flowers, just walking. Everywhere I looked was a wonder in itself. The climb to the top of Putucusi was one of the high lights for me. The mountain is 2400 meters high and straight up, sometimes so straight we climbed ladders. The view all the way up and down was so awesome, out of this world. To climb this mountain you have to sign a book, name and age, I looked at the other ages and said I was the oldest person to sign in. Just as we were about to climb the first ladder a man came down and Darlene asked how old he was. He was 71 and she said not the oldest to me. Just what I needed. I was determined. The walk climb was slow many breaks, so arriving at the top was a huge feat and then the view. There are no words to describe the view of Machu Picchu and the surrounding mountains from the top of Putucusi. It was like being on the top of the world, what a rush. Of course the shopping was great, if you see something you like and want, buy it, no regrets. Its so wonderful to have the reminders when back home. The tour of Machu Picchu was wonderful but there are really no words to describe the feelings, the energy, the information I received while on this trip.


I manifested things everyday, my ankle was healed by a person who own a pharmacy, I met people that I connected with, even if the meetings were only a few minutes or days.


Darlene and Savati were great hosts, the tour guides were very informative, super friendly and really wonderful people. I will remember them always. The Shaman and The Grandfather were a joy to be around and with.


There are no more words at the moment, but I could share for hours my trip to Peru and the pictures.

Love and Light



By Cathy MacVittie,


My original intention was "to do the thing I thought I could not do" - go on adventure to a foreign place as a solo introvert with a group of unknown people and return intact.  And it proved an adventure of so many proportions packed into a mere two weeks.  Moreover, my excursion to Peru with Darlene provided me with the priceless gift of a vast personal and soul expansion, which I savour to this day. This made possible by experiencing the richness and majesty of Peru's Andes, the incredible openness of the people, the vibrant colour and intrigue of their culture, the spiritual awakening from seeing their strong beliefs shared in ceremony and family, the wholesomeness of their food.  Not only did I see the magnificence and wonderment of the remnants of civilizations past, they were brought to life by the knowledge and story telling ability of the tour guides Darlene connects with.  14 glorious days of non stop experiences, that I had not ever had before, and could not have imagined.  Under Darlene's incredible organization skills, all bookings for accommodation, transportation by train/bus, guides, ceremonies and entry fees were taken care of leaving the opportunity to just fully experience and savour the journey hassle free.

 Thus, beginning with the vibrancy of Cusco and its markets chockfull of handmade products expressing the talent and artistry of the people, the food and drinks indigenous to their culture, the helpfulness and graciousness of their personalities (tolerating the grinding negotiations of the foreigners).  Move outside of this vibrant city and back in time we go -- on to the ruins of Sacsayhuaman, a gargantuan fortress of engineering mystery, a monument to the most ferocious battle between the Inca and Spaniards. Surrounded by the spectacular landscape, my first experience with a Shaman, and son in training, who graced us with a Despacho Ceremony.  Wunderbar! Just the beginning.  Darlene and spirit companion,  shared the experience of ceremony and homestyle hot lunch in the ruins alongside a Sacred Lake;  with guides, the concentric circles at Moray, believed to have been an Inca agricultural laboratory; the terraces at Ollantaytambo with a sharing of the history of the last resistance between the Inca and the Spanish, the absolute joy of a stay in the vibrant town of Aguas Caliente at the bottom of Machu Picchu where we enjoyed the hot springs, a gruelling but rewarding climb up Putucusi Mountain -- the sights from which were mesmerizing and breathtaking, a soothing soak in the hot springs, immense variety of food choices, and a shopping extravaganza.  On a more sacred level, the walk in the jungle to a sacred space for a Despacho Ceremony and a visit to a magnificent jungle waterfall where Pacha Mama was honoured with the Despacho.  Machu Picchu proved a massive mysterious archaeological wonderment and a feast for the eyes and spirit.  A well preserved and amazing integration of architecture and landscape, an exploration goldmine.  The joy of the experience of Lake Titicaca, upon which the Floating Islands constructed of reeds sustain a culture of pre-Inca times,onward to the island of Amantani, preserved, pristine with residents happy to share their home and food brought in from the lake and harvested from their surroundings.  Puno, a cosmopolitan city on the shore of the Lake bursting with life in the altitude of the Andes.

 The shared commentary by my fellow travellers is that this was "the trip of a lifetime" and one that could easily be repeated over and over again.  It is a must to note that Darlene's personal connections who were more than happy to welcome us with unsurpassed kindness and comfort wove a special energy, comfort and delight into this adventure. The best successful self improvement experience possible made possible by the boundless enthusiasm, energy and positivity of Darlene Hintzen.


 Peru, July 2012 What a great trip!  Thanks Darlene for putting together a trip to Peru that showed your heart and soul.  I was able to experience a trip of a life time.  The way that you chose all of your favourite spots to share with the group was super.  I appreciated being introduced to many people from Peru who were our guides and hosts during the trip.   The trip was interesting, challenging and mind expanding.  My memories of Peru will be with me forever.  Fran Stenclik

I joined Darlene on the Peru Trip in August of 2014.  It was a wonderful experience!  I especially enjoyed the personal touches that Darlene arranged:  the yoga and mediation sessions, ceremonies with the Shamans (special thanks for Jorje), the group dinners to experience authentic Peruvian meals, just to name a few.  I felt some of the excursions took us "off the beaten path" and many times I did not even feel like a tourist, they were experiences, as though I was living in the various cities among the citizens.  I also felt that I was traveling with my friends as the group was reasonably small and intimate and I hope life-long friendships were made.  I would highly recommend a trip with Darlene to anyone considering a trip to Peru and Machu Picchu.  Of course we also have to thank our tour guides, Juan and Danny of Amazing Andean Adventures, for sharing their knowledge, experience and love for their country and culture.













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