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The Nexneuro Healing Bed!!

Sessions are 20 – 30 min. in length and programs are designed to accommodate your needs.  From the healthy to those who suffer from sleep disorders, dementia, depression or stress to name a few.  This system requires no medical personnel or drugs!  It is a simple solution to reduce the symptoms of stress, depression, and sleep loss without the use of prescription drugs! 

*Music Therapy and Brain Entertainment is proven to be a safe, simple and pleasant way to relieve a variety of symptoms.

*Your First Session is Free!

*Then you can buy 5 passes for just $50!

*Book your appointment now with Darlene!

Some of the benefits are:

*Full and peaceful nights sleep

*A regained Sense of Hope

*Improves stress resiliency

*Develops stress tolerance

*Enhances overall mood

*Reduces generalized anxiety

*Produces passive calming effect

*Lowers blood pressure

*Slows breathing

*Increases blood circulation

*Relieves pain and spasms in muscles and joints

*Decreases muscle tension and headaches

*Releases certain chemicals in the body through the relaxation response.  (Increased serotonin production)

*Contact Darlene Now to Book Your First Appointment!


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